About Us

Founded in 2009 by Lynsey Dickenson and Hayley Power, Eco Boutique is a London-based creative brand combining urban style with ethics.
Drawing inspiration from art and culture, we create unique, limited edtion t-shirts for the individually minded. We want to make a stand against fast fashion and encourage people to find their own sense of style, while being conscious of the effect the fashion industy has on the earth. All our t-shirts are made using 100% organic cotton with 90% reduced C02, and are indivudually hand screen printed with eco-friendly inks. They have been produced in factories with strict ethical practices - no use of child labour or forced labour; safe and healthy working conditions, legal labour contracts; payment of living wage and no excessive hours of work.
Our Eco guide
The making of clothes takes its toll on both people and the environment. At Eco Boutique we think it’s vital to minimise our effect on the world and its people by only using organic cotton for the following reasons:
The processing of non-organic cotton usually involves the use of some very toxic chemicals. These chemicals have some serious side effects on the workers including the poisoning of workers and also the residue on their clothes is suspected to cause allergies, eczema and even cancers.
When growing non-organic cotton farmers use harmful insecticides and pesticides which pollute the environment, causing poor land fertility, but worse, poison livestock, wild animals and people. In fact an estimated 1 million people are poisoned every year by pesticides.
Organic Cotton farmers work with nature to help grow their crop. They regularly rotate their crops and weed manually. They use organic fertilizers such as manure and organic pesticides, such as chilli, garlic and beneficial insects. These practices are far better for the environment and the health of the people who grow cotton.
Buying organic promotes a fundamental change in the way we treat the environment around us, looking not just to the next crop, but to the future of our children’s planet.
Finally organic cotton is not only often softer and kinder to skin, but also more durable and longer-lasting.
At Eco Boutique we don't believe that others should suffer in the manufacturing of our products. Ethical Manufacturing means that whoever is making your clothes is treated fairly, is paid well and works in good conditions. You can wear your clothes reassured that everyone involved in its creation has been treated fairly from beginning to end.
Pressure to quickly produce increasing quantities of cheap textiles has led the apparel industry to allow some of the most unethical trade practices on the planet; worst examples include child labour, excessive working hours, unsafe and unhygienic working conditions.
Climate Aware
The increase in manufacturing of goods has had a devastating effect on our earth. At Eco Boutique our t-shirts are manufactured with 90% reduced CO2. This reduction has been achieved by a combination of low-impact organic farming, efficiency in manufacturing and transportation, and the use of renewable energy.

UK Made
Our t-shirts are hand screen printed in the UK to support other UK businesses.